A detailed guide on how to take care of your zygomatic implants post-operation

If you have decided upon getting zygomatic implants treatment then this article might come in handy for your post-operative stage so that you have handy a list of all the things you must take care of to ensure healing and integration.


What to expect the first three days after surgery?

The first three days after surgery are really crucial as the surgery site, the sutures, and the stitches are all fresh.


Day 1 after surgery- Since the implants would be extremely fresh on the first day after surgery, it is extremely important to ensure that you apply an ice pack on your face and jaw as frequently as you can. This ice pack should be applied for at least 2 days after surgery.


Day 2 after surgery-  This would be the day when local anesthesia would have worn off completely. Thus there could possibly be some amount of pain. You can take any over the counter painkiller. If you are unsure about the type of painkiller that you should take, then you can consult your dentist to find out which one would be best for you.


Day 3 after surgery- Most of the patients report bruising and swelling from the 3rd day of the surgery. Do not panic if you notice some sort of bruising or swelling underneath your chin or around your jaw, surgery site, or around your eyes.


Throughout the 3 days, it is important that you drink plenty of fluid and take plenty of rest.


Brushing and cleaning guidelines

Do not use toothpaste for 4-5 days after the surgery. You can dampen your toothbrush with water or you can also ask your dentist to prescribe you some sort of antimicrobial mouth wash. You can use the brush and mouthwash to lightly clean your natural and artificial teeth.

Make sure that you do not vigorously rub your teeth as the screws from the implants would still be fresh.


Ensure that you do not end up hurting the surgical site with the toothbrush while cleaning. Try to avoid poking it with any kind of object. The surgical area should not be disturbed at all.

24 hours after the surgery, you should rinse your mouth 2-3 times with lukewarm saltwater.



Sneezing and blowing your nose

Since zygotic implants also have interaction with the sinus, it is important that you do not blow your nose for at least 2 weeks after surgery. If you want to sneeze, do not hold it in and sneeze with your mouth open.


No smoking or drinking 

Smoking and drinking can be detrimental to the healing process. You should not smoke at all for at least 3 weeks after surgery. You must not only avoid alcohol but also avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes like Listerine.


Try to eat soft foods that do not need to be chewed much for at least a couple of days after the surgery. Avoid drinking any fluids with a straw. Ensure that you are not eating anything too hot or warm.

A perfect, protein-rich diet is important to ensure a speedy recovery.


Contact your doctor in case you notice any loose teeth or unusual amounts of bleeding.


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