Replace Missing Teeth With Zygomatic Implants

Did the doctor tell you you don’t have enough bone atrophy and you cannot do dental implants because of lack of upper jaw bone? Then don’t distress. There is a permanent treatment that gives you perfection in your teeth with help of a drench.  This is a very reliable technology for a permanent solution Zygoma Implant. Are zygomatic implants a solution for me who are aware of this technology but still scared about the treatment process and the pros and cons of the surgery? In the past, people used drenches in their upper jaw which get wired with the help of titanium implants.  But in this process, there is severe bone resorption in the maxilla. For this case, bone graft surgery will help people in dental. In this surgery, dentists take some bone from the patient’s own hip and grafted to the jawbone. After 6 months of this surgery healing, it implants the denture into the patient’s upper jaw.


For modern treatment, this revolutionary implant technique eliminates the need for hip bone and uses your cheekbone. Zygoma implants surgery is now for good. It is a surgical process with reducing treatment time, without pain.


In contrast to the ordinary implants, Zygoma implants are appended straightforwardly to the body of the cheekbones, restoratively related to Zygoma.


Who Needs Zygoma Implants?


Zygoma implants are proper for any individual with missing, defective, or loose teeth and serious bone resorption in the maxilla. Individuals of all age gatherings, aside from youngsters, can profit from this method. This technique can’t be performed on patients with sinus issues.


The Procedure


The Zygoma dental embed treatment done in three stages in only one straightforward dental outing.

  • Finding of the resorted frontal alveolar bone of the upper jaw, X- rays, and important wellbeing checks
  • Tooth extraction (whenever required)
  • Dental implant post situation (At least 2 to 4 inserts used in the front of the upper jaw)
  • They put position of prosthetics around the same time implants

Points of interest

Zygoma dental implant presents a joint less, dodging the use of upper jaw bone. This procedure uses the dental implants which are longer than the conventional implants.

Zygomatic surgery is one of the major surgeries. Hence, it uses anesthesia to lessen the pain. This point should not discourage you because recovery is quite better than the standard dental implants. Success Rate of Zygomatic Implants is higher than standard implants because only experts of Zygomatic surgery perform this.


These dental implants support your natural composition of teeth so no issues with the recovery. Another good point is, you can enjoy the convenience of good teeth and smile.  


What you should do after the Zygomatic Implants?


In this there is no rocket science like with normal dental implants you have to take care of the dental hygiene and avoid additional treatment such as teeth whitening and veneers for some months.


After the first 24 hours please don’t dig your teeth on the hard food, please eat soft or semisolid food like oats. Even, brush your teeth after 24 hours of the treatment.




Zygomatic implants cost around $ 32,000 in the United States. This can vary depending upon the dental practice and the place from where are you getting the treatment.

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