To Whom Zygomatic Dental Implants Serve The Best?

Are you tired of the dentures? And thought of getting the dental implants but the dentist said you don’t have enough bone to support the regular/conventional dental implants. Now, what’s the alternative? Have you heard of the Zygomatic Dental Implant technique or rescue implant? No, Then get to know about it more and take the advantage of this new technique. Look at this article which helps you to understand more about this technique. If you have good overall bone health definitely you are on the helpful side for the treatment. This is a traditional alternative technique, it involves bone grafting when insufficient bones are in your upper jaw. Here are some reasons go for this treatment:


If they have insufficient upper jaw bone

Those patients who don’t have the complete bone structure to support your dental implant so they can see this opportunity as a good technology for their smile. To implant, the cheekbone (Zygoma) attaches with a non-removable appliance so that dental implant dentists get proper support of the bone structure. This procedure is very reliable and less time taking. In this procedure, bone grafting is not necessary and instant installation can be done.


Securing Zygomatic Dental Implants to the Zygoma (Cheekbone)


In surgery, the Dentist surgeon attaches a long implant screw in the sinus, a thick and solid bone also known as cheekbone. This procedure of implant requires the two zygomas in combination with two or four traditional implants. It is mainly for those who lose their teeth or missing tooth people because they cannot use denture.

This procedure for your tooth implantation is secure and highly successful. This innovative technique helped lots of people and fully satisfied them in terms of oral wellbeing and health. The benefits are:


  • Quickly fixing teeth
  • No transplant
  • Reliable treatment
  • Low-cost implant
  • Less time of recovery
  • No Zygoma lift
  • Quick treatment and recovery time


Are zygomatic dental implants safe?


Cosmetic or facial surgery is a little risky in comparison to the dental implants surgery. Hence we can say this in an affirmative tone. Zygomatic implants are absolutely safe. Few problems are there and it makes the treatment little risky, downsides may include bleeding, zygoma fracture, cuts on the lips, agony, Implant failure, hematoma, no sensation, sinusitis. But for this surgery the highly qualified dentists with experience are available.


How long do zygomatic dental implants last?


Research has shown that Successful implant and taking care of the dental implant is long-lasting.  Advanced technologies help you to feel your confidence and your life well.

Also, if you don’t have enough bones then also implant will be successful and good because

this surgery for people who don’t have enough bone in the upper jaw line to support the normal implants.


Uses of zygomatic dental implants won’t give you denture to use and you won’t feel sad about your smile. This type of technology helps people to get back their self-esteem and happiness freely. People won’t need to be embarrassed any more after getting to know about this new implant technology. The best part is it’s easy, less costly, and less time taking treatment.

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