New Smile With Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic Implants Treatment is the boon for everyone who is hopeless With Traditional dental Implants. In the procedure, The primary bones that hold the two sets of teeth in your jaw are termed as maxilla (upper bone) and mandible (lower bone). In usual conditions where teeth are missing due to any reason, a dental implant is prescribed by the dentist and is fastened into the bone for steadiness and reliable long term solutions of the dental implant. But what will be the case when there are issues with the bones itself?


Problems such as osteoporosis (not having enough bone), low bone density, injury, operation influencing the jawbones, long-standing sinus involving upper dental implants or many other factors can make somebody not so perfect for the basic dental implants without having sufficient bone graft. For folks who don’t want a bone graft and earlier used to think there were no alternatives present for them, zygomatic dental implants, the modern treatment has been innovated where a zygomatic implant can be used.

Advantages And Uses of zygomatic dental implants

Today’s modern dentists are broadly trained in this procedure and are able to conduct the whole procedure with almost negligible chances of failure. By taking proper forethoughts in the initial stages, postoperative difficulties can be eliminated up to a significant level. Below are the reasons why you can rely on the zygomatic implants:

  1. Brief Treatment Duration
  2. Less Invasive approach in comparison to the other bone grafting procedures and previous dental implants.  
  3. Better Communication abilities  
  4. Medical and Aesthetic Advantage
  5. Restoring Self-Confidence And Overall Body Positivity
  6. Improved Quality of Life

Drawbacks With The Zygomatic Implants

The difficulties of zygomatic implants are similar to regular dental implants, with no major variation in terms of bleeding times, healing duration.

Two specific difficulties from this method are the growth of sinusitis and altered sensation around the cheek area. Sinusitis can happen if the implant is poorly installed in the maxillary sinus region and stir the encompassing areas. Altered sensation around your facial temple region can occur if the zygomatic implant has been installed near to an ending of the facial nerve. Zygomatic implants are not so popular because they demand a certain proficiency of skill and expertise to dodge these issues and get a great surgery that serves you well.

What You Can Expect From Zygomatic Implants?

Zygomatic implants came as a blessing for those folks who suffer from being incapable of traditional dental implants.

To get the usual dental implant, the maxilla bone should be robust enough to hold the implant. Having a severe damage maxilla for working on them normally requires multiple bone grafting treatments, which take around 6 months to totally heal before the normal implant can be tried or proceed further. Research points out well long term consequences of zygomatic dental implants, around 96% sustaining more than 10 years with regular dental visits and needed care.

This novel graft less treatment has the advantage of quick priming chance, so your grin and mouth function can be treated instantly for good. If this whole scheme feels like you are perfect for this, get in touch with your dentist now.

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